Hi y’all. I’m a married mother of one who’s in debt like crazy. This blog will track my journey to be debt free. It’s going to be long, and probably incredibly frustrating, but I need motivation to keep my eye on the prize.

As of today, we are $28, 415 in debt from credit cards and the purchase of 2 used cars. Additionally, we have $89,588 in student loan debt from our undergrad degrees and his masters. Luckily I got mine courtesy of my job.

Our goals over time:

1) Be debt free

2) Have a comfortable savings for retirement, missions, etc.

3) Own our home straight out

4) Have two working vehicles that don’t cost us insane amounts in upkeep each month

5) And most importantly, maintain our eternal marriage and bring more children into this world to raise them in the best way we know how. This will include financial education which neither of our parents taught us.