Disclaimer: Solid financial advice is not found in this post. This is a what not to do.

But this is what we have to do. Our credit rating is down in the 500s, and we were not approved for a loan for another vehicle last night. We are stuck with the car we have. We therefore have to put the $2000 to fix the transmission on our credit cards, (which we amazingly actually have still $2000 available!—though not for long).

We are at the bottom. We cannot go any lower. Banks will not lend us anymore money, and our loans are maxed out (except Sleepy’s, which we finished paying off just this past month). We hope there are no other issues that will rise up to bite us because right now, we will not have the money to fix them. We are going to have to deal with what we have.

So that’s our plan. Spread out the $2000 among all our cards and start paying it all down, card by card. We are not going to purchase anything new (with the few practical exceptions), and we will live a frugal life.